Bruno Weber Park

Welcome to the Bruno Weber park

Welcome to the Bruno Weber Park where magical creatures, mythical animals and extraordinary sculptures await you.
For half a century, Bruno Weber created his fantastic realm near Zurich.

Opening hours and information

The opening hours are as follows:

Wednesday 11:00 – 18:00
Saturday 11:00 – 18:00
Sunday 11:00 – 18:00

The Bruno Weber Park is open every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday as well as on all public holidays..

Current News

Exhibition with photos “Bruno Weber Park” by Adrian Heidemann

From 30th July to 30th August 2021 there will be a photo exhibition of the interior rooms of the artist’s house in the Bruno Weber Park, in the Torre Fiorenzana,
Torre Fiorenzana, Grono, Graubünden.


Visit this fantasy world and leave everyday life behind you

The park contains a unique world with sculptures that can be walked through, touched, and even lived in and offers a profound visual experience. It was created as a counter-world to the increasingly barren world of technology and commerce. With his imposing Work, Bruno Weber had successfully turned creativity into a tangible fantasy art which stays in harmony with its surrounding nature.

In accordance with Bruno Weber’s planning and vision and written works, the park has remained true to its nature as it was created all these years ago. Every effort is undertaken to ensure that the integrity of his work will be maintained for the comming future. To make this possible we rely on patrons and enthusiastic visitors who help us to support and preserve Bruno Weber’s work.

Quote P.K. Wehrli:
“A sculpture park with astounding, walk-in objects has been created, which represents a fascinating counterweight full of visionary ideas and thoughts opposing the world of technology and commerce.”

Visit the Bruno Weber Park and help us to preserve it!

How to get to the Bruno Weber Park

The Bruno Weber Park is located in Spreitenbach in Aargau, close to Zurich.
A signposted path leads directly from the town hall (Stadthalle) parking area to the park.