Notes for wheelchair users

The Bruno Weber Park can be visited by disabled visitors in a wheelchair, but there are a few limitations that we would like to point out to you:

We strongly recommend that disabled visitors are accompanied by a helper!

There is a car park for disabled persons at the entrance gates of the park. Please examine the park’s location on the map provided on this website to see how to drive up to the park. After parking in front of the gates, you can use the inclined concrete road up to the ticket kiosk (the path is about 30m long and you may need a short break at the kiosk!). After this, almost of the park can be accessed on cobblestone paths, gravel paths and earth pathways. There are however a few areas that can only be accessed fully via short flights of steps.

Please note that a wheelchair can’t be used in the toilets on-site at the park. However, the distance from a toilet door to the lavatory itself is only about 3-4 steps. The Stadthalle (before driving up the hill to the park) does however offer public toilets for disabled people. Please take note of the opening hours of the Stadhalle Dietikon here: