Bruno Weber Park

Welcome to the Bruno Weber Park

Magical creatures, mythical animals and extraordinary buildings await you

Bruno Weber was a painter, graphic artist, sculptor, inventor, carpenter, bricklayer, painter, plasterer and architect. The total work of art created by the Dietiker artist over half a century is unique in Switzerland.
His great creative power is shown in hundreds of colorful mythical creatures and exotic beauties in the park above Dietikon and Spreitenbach.

Visit the dream world and leave everyday life behind

This park forms a unique world with accessible, touchable, inhabitable sculptures and a profound visual experience. The park was created as a counter-world to the increasingly desolate world of technology and commerce. With his imposing total work of art, Bruno Weber succeeds in turning creativity into a tangible fantasy in harmony with nature.

The Bruno Weber Park has been preserved over the years in accordance with the planning and vision and in the handwriting of Bruno Weber and everything is done to ensure that the work’s integrity is also preserved in the future. Of course, this always requires outside help, from patrons and enthusiastic visitors who support and support the work of Bruno Weber.

Quote P.K. Wehrli:
„A sculpture park with objects that can be viewed and walked through has been created, which is a fascinating alternative design full of visionary ideas and ideas on the world of technology and commerce.“


Visit the Bruno Weber Park and help to preserve it!